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Green Belt is a Planning Designation for land around cities and built up areas which aims to keep the land largely undeveloped; check unrestricted sprawl; save the countryside from encroachment; and other laudable values. It is defined by the local planning authority's development plans.
It is not necessarily all "green", as many incorporated buildings and partially developed land is encompassed.
Whereas it is fiercely protected under planning law and very difficult for the average house owner to build much within - it is not sacrosanct. Big money has been known to have a large influence.
Similar terms such as Greenfield (which is land that has not previously been developed - usually farmland), is not necessarily Green Belt unless it has been specifically designated and incorporated into the area planning legislation. In our case it is Green Belt, Green Field and high quality agricultural land.
Brownfield is a Planning Term for previously developed land which has or had, a permanent structure on it. Development is normally encouraged on such land.

Map of Central England Green Belt  © Natural England

Green Belt West Midlands  

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