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   Democracy is when the needy, and not the men of property , are the rulers.  Aristotle 340 BC

The Statutory Public Consultations (in the form of an exhibition) are to be held in July 2017. See Latest News for dates and venues.
Visit the exhibition, ask questions, kick up a fuss, let the proposers know your feelings. Remember that they are being well paid to be there.
However we will not win any battle on those days - they won't walk away if we shout at them.
There is no "done deal"; the proposers still have to finalise their planning application to the Planning Inspectorate (probably in November) ....  that is the time for battle.

Large freight hubs, warehousing and especially rail freight interchanges, in the hands of private investors, are being proposed all around the country - without any national strategy or concern for their siting or the consequences.
Very often, challenging the proposal is left with those affected. So (unless it is an ideal brownfield location), forming a local opposition group is the first step.
The term NIMBY may be quickly wheeled out by the proposers and those who may benefit from these proposals. But in this area we already have an extremely busy motorway, two extremely busy strategic trunk roads, an industrial estate (with explosion zone), a childrens detention centre (expensive failure) - now a police station, a council depot, a busy railway line,  a waste incinerator, two giant wind turbines - well over & above the normal trappings of a community - so such criticisms can be flicked aside.
The area is prime agricultural land (class 2 & 3) and importantly we are within the Green Belt. (See Jargon page for definitions).

What we intend to do is defined in the Mission Statement on the home page. If you value the countryside, the environment, your health, the green belt principle, farming, the local roads & villages and your property, then join us in some way to fight this monstrosity. Whatever your input - be it expertise or enthusiasm; reading, writing or support; funding, fundraising or footwork - it will be very welcome. Press the Contacts button for details.

What things looked like in 1882

Map 1882

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