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The very rich increasingly work in finance, marry each other and care passionately about politics.  The Economist 2012

A London based consortium of Landowner, Freight Specialist and Financier have put together the audacious proposal.

(1) Land Owner, Piers Monckton of Stretton Hall or more usually London. A city investment manager, pilot and chairman of the local Country Land Owners Association. Owns a huge swathe of local agricultural land, but is not very keen on farming. Has been behind most of the Mineral Rights (sand & gravel) applications around South Staffs.
Check out his family tree, pilots licence, birthstone and consanguinity index on this excellent site:
Pictured here becoming chairman of the Staffs CLA:
Read some of the association's stated ideals and spot the disparity with actual events.

(2) Rail Freight & Infrastructure Specialists, Kilbride Group are providing the technical and logistics input. Managing Director Peter Frost, via FAL, is involved in this proposal.
Kilbride have been involved in the Honda plant at Swindon, a number of giant Incinerators and are linked to several major house builders.
Pictured here in the Kilbride introduction:

(3) Financiers, The Grosvenor Group - owned by the  Duke of Westminster. The last Duke died in August 2016 at the age of 64. We tried to communicate with his son, the 7th Duke of Westminster in early 2017 - but have not received a reply from him. He is currently at No.5 on The Sunday Times Rich List.
Read more on The Peerage site:

The three party's have recently incorporated themselves as a limited company for this project known as Four Ashes Limited (FAL).
4th Floor, 7/10 Chandos Street, Cavendish Square, London. W1G 9DG
Peter Frost, from Kilbride Group is managing director, front man and fall guy for this proposal and is busily trying to sell the project to investors and pushing those locals in strategic positions (ie. advantageous to the developer) to sign up to contracts giving an option to buy in the event of gaining planning approval. (Your home is already blighted - talk to us and your solicitor before signing anything).

Other consultants:
Ramboll UK are environmental specialists employed to assess the impact of the project (as far as the developer is concerned). Matt Royall has been their representative at public exhibitions.
Quod are planning consultants.
Eversheds LLP are Legal representatives for the developers

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