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Glossary & Definition of Terms, Abreviations and Acronyms used:

ALC                                                                       Agricultural Land Classification: Grade 1 - excellent quality; 2 - Very good quality; 3a - Good quality; 3b - Moderate quality; 4 - Poor                                                                                        quality; 5 - Very poor.
AQMA                                                                   Air Quality Management Area. Where there is significant pollution. eg. exhaust fumes and the area is monitored by the Local Authority.

Best and Most Versatile Agricultural Land        Land in Grades 1, 2, and 3a of the Agricultural Land Classification. (Land in the proposal area is in classifications 2 and 3)
Brownfield                                                            A Planning Term for previously developed land which has or had a permanent structure on it.

DEFRA                                                                 Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs. Current government department for Agriculture and the Environment.
DCO                                                                      Development Consent Order. (A Planning term - part of major procedures)

EIA & ES                                                               Environmental Impact assessment & Environmental Statement. A compulsory requirement to investigate what the impact on the area is. 

FAL                                                                        Four Ashes Limited. A shell company formed for the project. (Monkton+Kilbride+Grosvenor in this case )
Freight Hub or Terminal or Interchange             Any type of freight facility, road, rail or both. See SRFI

Green Belt                                                            A Planning Designation for land around cities and built up areas which aims to keep the land largely undeveloped; check unrestricted                                                                                    sprawl; save the countryside from encroachment; and other laudible values. Defined by the local planning authority's development plans.
Greenfield                                                             Land that has not previously been developed (usually farmland).

Highways Agency                                                The executive agency for the Department for Transport responsible for Operation & maintaining strategic roads: motorways and trunk                                                                                    roads (A5, A449)
ha  ,  hectare                                                         Unit of area. 10 000 square metres = 1 hectare = almost two and a half acres  (2.47 acres)

Impact Assessment                                            A procedure required for certain projects to determine its effects on the environment / traffic/ transport / wildlife / etc.
Intermodal                                                            Changing between different modes of transport eg. between road and rail using the same containers.

MAFF                                                                   Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food. Dissolved in 2002 - see DEFRA

NPS                                                                      National Policy Statement. Government document relating to transport policy.
NIMBY                                                                   Not In My Back Yard. The cry of those hoping to take advantage of our back yard - rather than their own. Ours is full.
NSIP                                                                      Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects. Planning term for very large size proposals. Rail freight interchanges are included because                                                                                of the railway element.
Permitted Development                                          Permission to carry out certain developments without making a full planning application.
Planning Gain                                                        Community benefits (money or facilities) secured as part of a planning approval, to be paid by the developer. May be part                                                                             of a Section106 agreement.
Planning Inspectorate (PINS or PI)                           The national planning body that processes planning appeals and examines Strategic planning applications.
PPS                                                                      Planning Policy Statement
Previously developed land                                       See Brownfield land
Rail Gauges                                                          Size and load. See Railway terms below.
Receptor                                                               Environmental or ecological term: a Person, plant or animal affected by environmental factors eg. noise, pollution, disruption, etc.
Rochdale Envelope                                                The Rochdale Envelope is an acknowledged way of dealing with a planning application with environmental impact, named                                                                             after a UK planning law case. Its gives developers considerable flexibility not to fix a design completely. It has no benefit                                                                             to those affected.

SERC                                                                   Staffordshire Environmental Records Centre.
Section 106 Agreement                                           A planning agreement forming part of a planning approval whereby the applicant pays the local council a sum of money.
SNCI                                                                     Site of Natural Conservation Importance or Site of Biological Interest (SBI). Local Authority designated site for nature conservation.
SoCG                                                                    Statement of Common Ground
SRFI                                                                     Strategic Rail Freight Interchange or Terminal or Hub. A type of freight hub with railway connection. See "strategic"
SSSI                                                                     Site of Special Scientific Interest. A site designated by Natural England under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 by virtue of plants,                                                                                    animals or natural features.
Strategic                                                               A term usually associated with transport or developments of national significance. Larger ones can by-pass the local planning system.

TPO                                                                       Tree Preservation Order. A mechanism to protect certain trees under Local Authority protection.

WCML                                                                   See Railway Terms
WMI                                                                      West Midlands Interchange. The name the proposers have given the project (even though geographically not in the West Midlands).

Railway Terms
Gauge                                                                   Track gauge: dimension between the rails. Standard UK gauge is 1435mm (4ft - 8 1/2")
                                                                             Freight gauge or Loading Gauge A term relating to the height, train width and load that the section of the railway network can accept. eg.                                          W6, W8, W10  (the higher number means it can carry larger and heavier trains).
Intermodal                                                             Changing between different modes of transport eg. between road and rail using the same containers.
NNTR                                                                    Notified National Technical Rules. A UK Rail term for technical specifications that differ from European standards.
TSI                                                                         Technical Specifications for Interoperability . An European Rail Agency term for common specifications.
WCML                                                                   West Coast Main Line: Connecting  London, Rugby, Lichfield, Stoke, Manchester, Liverpool, Glasgow & Edinburgh. The                                                                              railway passing through Penkridge is the Birmingham Loop - a busy two track section connecting Birmingham-                                                                                        Wolverhampton-Penkridge-Stafford to the WCML. Classified as W10 freight gauge.

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