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Who we are:

We are a group formed to oppose the so called West Midland Interchange (WMI) proposal.
This is actually situated in South Staffordshire, not the West Midlands, and radiates from Gailey island at the A5 / A449 intersection up to the M6 at junction 12 and across to the other side of Vicarage Road.  (see The Proposal page)
The huge area affected includes Gailey, Four Ashes, Calf Heath and will have catastrophic effects on house prices, traffic and the environment in Standeford, Coven, Brewood, Hatherton, Penkridge and Cannock Chase.

This massive proposal would be sited on agricultural Greenbelt land, that would devastate part of South Staffordshire - built on the promises of false jobs, green credentials …. and financial gain.
Its giant warehouses and thousands of HGVs would decimate the environment and gridlock the road network.

The scheme by virtue of its size and a quirk of legislation, can bypass the Local Authority Planning procedures and be submitted directly to central government - as a Strategic proposal.
Our group is comprised of local residents, businesses and environmental and special interest organisations. We are in contact with other similar groups. Our aim is to demonstrate that the scheme is completely inappropriate for the proposed rural location and an attack on the Greenbelt. As a group of small communities, we already have enough negative infrastructure to dismiss any nimby accusations.

Our main goals are:

to promote awareness of the scheme within the local community;

to gather sufficient evidence to mount a defence;

to campaign against the proposed loss of greenbelt and damage to ecology, health and the environment.

to gain support from or apply pressure to, those in a position to influence the planning decision;


by public relations: word and web;

by scrutiny and investigation of the proposals and their background;

by consulting with experts and interests in planning, law, transportation, environment and ecology;

by challenging through the planning system and political pressure.

by learning from those that have already trodden the same path.

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